Kindness is free and we should all do our best to share it with everyone around us, including animals who might need a helping hand from time to time. We have rounded up 20 pictures of people doing amazing stuff for strangers that will bring a smile to your face. Not just that, but these pictures are so heartwarming that they are going to restore your faith in humanity and motivate you to be a better person.

20. Punk Jacket

This picture is great, don’t you agree? Even though people who wear punk clothes are usually not that friendly, the man with the spiky blond hair is making an exception to that rule for this kid in order to bring a smile on his face.

19. The Rugby Cup

The little girl that is sitting on the hospital bed is a giant fan of rugby and when Brian O’Driscoll who is the captain of the Irish rugby team heard about her, he decided to pay her a visit and bring the famed Heineken Cup with him.

18. The Barber Shop

What’s great about this barbershop is the fact that the barber gives every kid who reads a children’s book aloud a $2 discount. Isn’t it amazing? The man is trying to be a positive influence and teach kids about the benefits of reading.

17. Construction Site

South Korean construction workers will wrap people’s cars in a giant plastic bag so that they don’t get scratched. The workers would probably get mad at people who park near the construction¬†site in other countries.

16. Old Lady

The manager of this store noticed that an old lady comes to the store every day to read pages from a book and without giving it any second thought, the manager decided to place a bench for her to sit down and enjoy her reading.

15. New Shoes

Isn’t this picture heartbreaking? A tourist was walking on the streets of Rio De Janeiro when he spotted a homeless girl without shoes and he decided to give his pair of slippers to her.

14. We Have Power

Can you believe how nice these people are? You can be sure that everyone from the neighborhood loves having them around.

13. Saving A Dog

A man was walking down the pier when he saw that a small Shih Tzu fell into the water and couldn’t get out. The man decided to put it all on the line and jump into the water in order to save the dog. Now, this is what bravery looks like.

12. Visiting The Lake

The bond between a man and his dog is something special. Nonetheless, the man in this picture makes sure to take his dog out to the lake every evening because it helps the dog with his pain. Is there anything that a man wouldn’t do for his dog?

11. Superheroes

These men work for a Memphis window cleaning company and they make sure to dress up like superheroes every time they go to to a children hospital. How cool is this?

10. Helping Out

The woman on the right is Jacqueline Kiplimo, and instead of rushing towards the finish line, she decided to slow down and help a disabled¬†Taiwanese marathon runner drink some water so that he can keep himself hydrated. Winning is not everything…

9. Sunday Haircut

This barber is a famed hairstylist who gets paid a lot for his work. However, he never forgets about his community and he gives out free haircuts every Sunday to the homeless and everyone else who needs it.

8. Care Package

The mailman is the one who usually gives us stuff, but this family from the US have decided to return the favor. The family put a small care package for their mailman. We can be sure that this was a pleasant surprise.

7. First Paycheck

The man on the right has worked hard to get his first paycheck and he wanted to celebrate this in a special way. Therefore, he took one of the local homeless kids to McDonald’s to enjoy a delicious meal.

6. Roadwork

These three little kids were curious to see what’s going on in their neighborhood and one of the engineers took a couple of minutes to sit down with them and teach them a couple of valuable lessons about roadwork and construction.

5. Tennis Balls

A man has lost his dog and in order to keep his memory alive, he makes sure to buy a bunch of tennis balls from time to time and bring them to the park so that other dogs can enjoy playing with them. Isn’t this just wholesome?

4. NYPD Officer

This NYPD officer knows how cold the weather can get outside during winter time and he couldn’t bear the thought that someone might be walking shoeless on the pavement. Therefore, he bought a pair of all-weather boots alongside with thermal socks and gifted them to a homeless man.

3. Awesome Crowd

The disabled young man was attending a concert and he couldn’t get a good view of the band. This is when the crowd picked him up so that he could see his favorite band perform live.

2. Good Deeds

The first picture shows us a police officer talking a man out of suicide. The second picture shows us the man who was one step away from death handing an award to the officer who helped save his life.

1. Birthday Party

The little kid on the left organized a birthday party, and sadly, none of his classmate or friends showed up. Luckily, the fire department heard about this and they decided to join him and make his birthday party awesome.